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Published papers

Papers submitted/in preparation


The following conferences included topics directly involving the MANMADE Project.

Projected talks

26-29 September 2010: 14th International Conference on Harmonics and Quality of Power, Bergamo, Italy

  • Divergence Operator applied to the tuning of an electricity network
    D.Falabretti, M.Merlo,F. Delfanti J.M. Zaldivar, F.Strozzi

30 May-2 June 2010: ISCAS 2010, Paris

  • Building synchronizable and robust networks
    I. Mishkovski, M. Righero, M. Biey and L. Kocarev

November Workshop in Budapest

  • Hungarian Energy Office is holding a workshop with MANMADE(Hungary)


Delivered talks

6 November, 2009 Women in Science - a meeting for London school children

  • Guest speaker: Dr Delilah Al Khudhairy, Head of the Institute for Protection and Security of the Citizen at the EU’s Joint Research Center in Ispra, Italy.

28-29 September 2009: ICT Innovations 2009, Ohrid Macedonia

26-29 September 2009: ETAI 2009 Conference, Ohird, Macedonia

24-25 September 2009: Workshop on Deregulated European Energy Market [a MANMADE deliverable], Collegium Budapest, Hungary

21-25 September 2009: European Conference on Complex Systems 2009, University of Warwick

9-11 September 2009: Logistics Research Network Annual Conference: “Volatile and Fragile Supply Chains”, Cardiff

  • Markov Chains Models for supply chain risk: insights from a systematic literature review using Main Path Analysis
    C. Colicchia (LIUC), A. Creazza (LIUC), F. Strozzi (LIUC)

26-28 August 2009: Third International Symposium on Recurrence Plots, Montreal

  • From complex networks to time series and viceversa
    Strozzi, F.(LIUC), Zaldívar, J.M. (JRC), Poljansek, K. (JRC), Bono, F. (JRC), Gutiérrez, E. (JRC)

20-22 July 2009: IWCSN Workshop, University of Bristol

10th July 2009: Industrial Complexity Forum, University of Bath

5-9 July 2009: EURO09 Conference Bonn

  • A stochastic model for evaluating the vulnerability of a supply network
    C. Colicchia (LIUC), F. Strozzi (LIUC), C. Noè (LIUC), L. Kocarev (MASA)

5-8 July 2009: EURO XXIII (Stream: Methodology of Societal Complexity), Bonn

  • Manmade project: diagnosing vulnerability , emergent phenomena and volatility in manmade networks
    F. Strozzi (LIUC), E. Gutiérrez, (JRC), D.K. Arrowsmith (QMUL)

29 June-3 July 2009: NETSCI 09 International Workshop and Conference on Complex Networks and their Applications, Istituto Veneto Scienze Lettere Ed Arti

24 June 2009: Natural and man-made vulnerabilities of EU Grid, Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts (MASA), Skopje Macedonia

June 8-12, 2009: International Workshop on Coping with Crises in Complex Socio-Economic Systems, ETH Zurich (Switzerland)

27 April 2009: PANDA: Patterns in Compexity Workshop, University of Leeds

7 March 2009: BAMC: British Applied Mathematical Colloquium, University of Nottingham

12-13 January 2009: 5th MANMADE Management Committee Meeting (JRC, Ispra, Italy)

5-13 December 2008 CISSE2008 (Int. Joint Conf. on Computer, Information, and System Sciences, and Engineering, University of Bridgeport, USA)

24-27 November, 2008 TELFOR2008(IEEE, Serbia)

  • “Influence Spreading in Complex Networks”, S. Gramatikov, D. Trajanov, L. Kocarev, A. Grnarov

7-10 September 2008 NOLTA2008 (pp. 253-256)

  • “A Modal Analysis Based Approach in Studying Robustness and Vulnerability of Complex Networks”,Petreska, I.Tomovski, E.Gutierrez, Lj.Kocarev, F.Bono, K.Poljansek.

30 June -4 July 2008: Risk Measurement and Control

19 June 2008: Bridging the Gaps Symposium, QMUL

9-10 June 2008: 4th MANMADE Management Committee Meeting (NESA - Helsinki)

6 October 2007: European Conference on Complex Systems, Dresden

  • MANMADE D.K. Arrowsmith, D.K. Arrowsmith*, F.Bono**, E. Gutierrez, NEST Pathfinder CRP Forum, European Conference on Complex Systems 2007 (ECCS '07), Dresden.

June 2008: International Conference on applied simulation and modelling, Corfù

  • Analysis of complex systems by means of mathematical and simulation methods,
    C. Colicchia (LIUC), H. Sivonen (NESA), C. Noè (LIUC), F. Strozzi (LIUC)

28-29 March 2008: Kárpát-medencei Környezettudományi konferencia (Ecology conference of Carpatian basin), Debrecen, Hungary

  • "Az európai szélpotenciál korlátai (The limits of European wind potential)"
    by P. Kiss (COLB), I.M. Jánosi(COLB), conference proceedings, vol 2, 80-85 (2008)

21-22 January 2008: 3rd MANMADE Management Committee Meeting (COLB - Collegium Budapest)

Agenda and minutes

Touchette, H. (QMUL): "WP 3.1 Scaling and Correlation in the Nordic Spot Electricity Market Data"

Bono, F. (JRC): "WP2: Data Collation"

Bono, F. (JRC): "Synthesis of D1.3: Network analysis of interaction between consortium members and MANMADE forum"

Strozzi, F. (LIUC): "WP5 Dynamics of supply-chain and market volatility of networks"

Noè, C. (LIUC): "WP5 D5.1: Logical framework of the impact of the electric power supply on a logistic-production system"

Manera, M. (LIUC): "WP5 D5.2: Modeling Electricity Prices: from the State of the Art to a Draft of a New Proposal"

Kocarev, L. (MASA): "WP6 Vulnerability of Interconnected Networks Review and Planned activities"

Kiss, P., Janosi, I. (COLB): "WP4: Assessment Report on the Wind Energy Potential over Europe. Part II. Wind Power Networks"

Marossy, Z., Szenes, M. (COLB): "Analysis of day-ahead electricity data"

6 October 2007: European Conference on Complex Systems, Dresden

  • MANMADE D.K. Arrowsmith, D.K. Arrowsmith*, F.Bono**, E. Gutierrez, NEST Pathfinder CRP Forum, European Conference on Complex Systems 2007 (ECCS '07), Dresden.

12 September 2007: 2nd International Workshop on Recurrence Plots


Strozzi, F. (LIUC), Zaldívar Comentes, J.M. (JRC), Zbilut, J. P. (Department of Molecular Biophysics and Physiology, Rush Medical College, Chicago, USA):

20 July 2007: International Workshop on Complex Systems and Networks, Guilin

28,29-June 2007: 2nd MANMADE Management Committee Meeting (LIUC - Università Carlo Cattaneo)

Agenda and minutes

Bono, F. (JRC): "WP2 Network Collation: GIS Data, Forum Activities, Networking"

Janosi, I. (COLB): "Assessment Report on Wind Energy Potential over Europe—Part 1: Wind Speed Distribution"

Just, W. (QMUL): "Time series analysis of the Norwegian electricity spot prices"

Kocarev, L. (MASA): "WP6 Vulnerability of Interconnected Networks"

Sivonen, H. (NESA - National Emergency Supply Agency, Finland): "Risk assessment based on interdependencies "

Strozzi, F. (LIUC): "Analysis of NORDPOOL spot price data"

7-May 2007: Complex Systems - from theory to application (MASA-Macedonian Academy of Sciences and Arts)

Conference proceedings

Arrowsmith, D, (QMUL): "Transport on congested networks"

Gutierrez Tenreiro, E, (JRC): "Modal analysis of weighted graphs"

Janosi, I. (Lorand Eotvos University Budapest, Hungary): "Comprehensive analysis of the wind speed probability distribution over Europe"

Kondor, I. (COLB): "Critical phenomena in portfolio selection"

Vattay, G. (COLB): "Complex Traffic in Internet: Theory and Experiments"

25-29 September 2006: European Conference on Complex Systems

  • D.K. Arrowsmith (QMUL),

    NEST Pathfinder
    ECCS06 Satellite Workshops, European Conference on Complex Systems 2006 (ECCS '06), Saïd Business School, University of Oxford

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